When creating Blendily’s signature fragrances, I set out to distill sentiment associated with the Pacific Northwest, capturing the natural beauty of our unique surroundings.

Misty Forest

Misty Morning in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon | Image: Ivy Chuang

Our ‘Wildwood’ fragrance is inspired by my cherished Saturday morning ritual of running the Wildwood trail in Portland’s Forest Park. Surrounded by the sounds of birds, wind and rain through the trees, and my own breath & footsteps, I spend an hour soaking in the forest ambiance in this weekly morning meditation.

Wildflower Sunrise

Wildflower Sunrise at Rowena Crest, Columbia Gorge | Image: Ivy Chuang

‘Meadowmist’, is inspired by sunrise wildflower hikes in the Columbia Gorge in late Spring & early Summer. When the cold, wet winters are pierced with bursts of color by awakening flowers, there is magic in the moments just before daybreak. In the coldest Winter months, I frequently daydream of wandering into flower meadows, taking in the landscape with the morning mist dissipating to welcome the sun.

It was important for me to find local suppliers to help me capture these emotions and luckily, I found two amazing distillers in the region. The essential oils & hydrosols in these two fragrances are sourced from, the Oregon Woodland Co-op, a group of over 70 private, family forestland owners in Oregon, and Wildroot Botanicals, a family owned herb farm & distiller located just South of Bellingham, Washington.

I hope these two scents encapsulate the experience of Pacific Northwest forest walks & meadow meanderings for anyone that wears them.

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