blendily badass beauties

Creative, Inquisitive, Adventurous, Conscious, Bold & Beautiful

Ali Christopherson

Homebase: Denver, Colorado

You’ll frequently find Ali meandering to canyons, waterfalls, lakes and flower fields. 

She’s especially gifted at finding those moments where light touches landscapes just magically so. 

She’s a wanderlust, shutterbug, craft extraordinaire, and a badass adventurer. We’re always wondering where she’ll go next!

Instagram: @ali.pine
Web: Pine & Pher

Juzanne Martin

Homebase: Gainesville, Florida

Watch out for Juzanne, because this girl is flying high, setting trends and shifting styles. She is currently a journalism major at the University of Florida. Her unending loyalty to popular culture and entertainment news fuels her dedication to writing. 

She’s a superb combination of beauty & brains. Writer, reporter, badass creator. Without a doubt, she is going to live out loud and have the last laugh.

Instagram: @juzannem
Twitter: @juzannem
Facebook: @justjuzanne
Youtube: Just Juzanne
Web: Just Juzanne

Kimora Brock

Homebase: Washington, DC

What does Kimora do? The better question is, what doesn’t she do? Kimora does ALL THE THINGS.  She is an entrepreneur, healer, artist, and activist.  All of her pursuits reflect an unparalleled joie du vivre that shines brilliantly.

She is an academic, model, actress, yogi, and badass force to be reckoned with. Everything she touches turns to gold.  

Instagram: @kimorabee
Facebook: Kimora Bee
Web: Kimora Brock
Photo Credit: Victor Cantey