When I glanced at my photo app on my phone this morning, it reminded me that today, 5 years ago, was actually Thanksgiving that year, and it showed me a collage of photos of my day. It made me instantly smile to see how my daughter had grown from being a baby with food all over her face, wearing a bib with the slogan, ‘brand new’ on it, to being the inquisitive, silly, excitable, lovable girl she is today.

Halloween as Robots | October 2017

Halloween as Robots | October 2017


We were doing her homework last night together and the directions were to ‘Write a list of things you are thankful for.’

She asks, “What does thankful mean?”

I answered, “It means being grateful. Think of things that makes you want to say ありがとう謝謝Thank you.

After she returned a puzzled look, I added, “Things that make you happy. 像你的家人,朋友, that you have a home, that you have things to eat. Aren’t you happy you have those things?”

She nodded, then asked. “嬉しくなる事?”

I said yes, and told her I’d be back to help her when she knew what she wanted to write. I walked downstairs to the kitchen to finish cleaning up. In less than a minute, I hear her jump up excitedly and slide on her socks to the top of the stairs.

She exclaims, “I know what I’m thankful for!…….. Everybody! ……….Everybody!……And the Earth! だって、みんな、みんな、嬉しいじゃん!” She threw her arms and legs wide in a jumping jack.

I laughed out loud in delight and told her to write it herself first and then I’d come and see. She did her best. Then, I showed her how to write it again with Upper & Lower Cases, then as cursive, then in All Caps. She copied the All Caps sentence, and we moved on to the next assignment, since we were already a day behind on homework.  I felt a ball of hope expand in my chest last night, still expanding today.

Thankful for Everybody and The Earth | November 2017

Thankful for Everybody and The Earth | November 2017

Today, I am thankful for Everybody, and the Earth. I hope you are too. 

Blendily will be closed for Thanksgiving, but we will be open Friday!

View of Mt. Rainier at the Old Snowy Mountain Summit

View of Mt. Rainier at the Old Snowy Mountain Summit | July 2017

All Images Provided by Ivy Chuang