December always ends up being the fastest and busiest month for me, and not only because Blendily is a retail-based business. This season evolves around a landslide of holiday parties and events, of travel plans, of the ambition to get through the to-do lists that have piled up until this last stretch.

Time and again, I have to remind myself to not get swept into the hustle & bustle of the ‘holiday season’, the pressure of social interactions, hunt for gifts, and over-the-top decorations (as amusing and impressive as some displays are).

The Santa Clones

The Santa Clones: A Portland Art Project | Image: Gabrielle Johnson

I always try to push back on all the busy-ness to remind myself to try to take it slow, to draw serenity as a baseline, but any respite I ever manage never counteracts well enough to have a true sense of balance. Invariably, I’ll have to grapple with some sort of sickness in my household that will always take a hold of me at some point. So through the yuck that exasperates it all, it’s no wonder, the “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” song starts to sound like the most-annoying song that has ever existed. And still, I’ll sing & hum along every time I hear it.

Despite all the mild complaints that I’ve listed above, the happiest element of December personally is that I get to be apart of the process of making others happy. My favorite customers are the little kids that wander into the store, counting their cents & dollars, consulting with the accompanying adult, thinking of what combination of self-care products will make their parent/grandparent/relative/friend smile the most.

Those anticipatory smiles are the best gift of all. As cliché as it is, it truly is the thought that counts, and it’s such a pleasure to see all those thoughts of love float in-and-out of Blendily during these last weeks of the year.

Peace & Love, and Happiness to you and yours!