The Winter Solstice, that occurred on December 21 this year, is the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. For Blendily, it marks the moment I begin making plans for the garden and for foraging outings for the next year. Winter Solstice is the marker to look inwards and reflect on the trials and tribulations of the previous year, but also to set intention for the coming year. Noting the harvest and gathering cycles of the previous year, I can dream & pray for the flowers and plants that will cross my path in the next dance around the Sun.

Rosehips & snowberries on snow | 2016

With only a slight variance of a matter of weeks, this is the timing when rosehips and snowberries appear. While most of the flora & fauna color palette becomes muted, I delight in the gathering of these two friends that warm my heart with a familiar nostalgia. In previous years, I’ve picked them on a backdrop of ice & snow, and those memories flash in my mind. Despite the frost, their bursts of color remained in tact.

Rose hips in the ice storm | 2017

This year, the Sun was the brightest I’d seen in months, or at least in my perception it was. It provided a moment to see their hues in full intensity. I talk to plants mostly in my mind, but this time I actually did speak. “Hello, lovelies. It’s nice to see you again.”