Blendily Offers All-Natural, Made-to-Order Skincare Products from Its Natural Cosmetics Kitchen



Ivy Chuang


Portland, OR (July 21, 2015) –Blendily is a first-of-its-kind cosmetics kitchen where all-natural skincare products are blended in-store from fresh, organic & wild ingredients. Blendily is an acronym for “blended splendidly,” which describes the process in which all the company’s products are made.

Blendily’s founder and chief product formulator, Ivy Chuang, began her foray into cosmetic product formulation in 2012.  When she discovered that Johnson & Johnson’s NO MORE TEARS® line of baby products contained carcinogenic ingredients, she was shocked and dismayed, as this was the brand of bodywash that her newborn daughter was bathed in within minutes of being born.  It compelled her to examine the ingredient labels of of all skin & body care products within her home.  She felt overwhelmed with the amount of potentially hazardous chemicals listed on everything from toothpaste to hand soap.  She then made the decision to dedicate herself to studying botanicals and transitioning to all-natural products.

Two and a half years later, after innumerable hours of study and research in aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and skin health, and countless product formulation trials in her home kitchen, she opened a brick-and-mortar store in Northeast Portland in 2014.

All of the ingredients are in-store, available for customers to see, smell, feel, and even taste.  All products are made in small batches featuring local, seasonal herbs, as well as sustainably harvested exotic botanicals.  She grows many herbs in her home garden, and also wildcrafts herbs in Portland and its surrounding areas.

Why the rotating menu? The rotating menu not only reflects the seasonal availability of fresh ingredients, it also gives people a chance to discover new ingredients as fresh menu items appear. Ivy explains, “Spinach is nutritious, but so is kale, collard greens, and chard. Eating spinach throughout the year is good for you, but eating a variety of leafy greens is even better. Just as a varied diet provides optimal nutrition, variation in cosmetic ingredients gives the skin optimal nourishment. Our bodies have different needs throughout the seasons and as we age, it’s important to constantly listen to and adjust to those needs.”

Ivy emphasizes the importance of fresh, seasonal ingredients, “There is a ‘farm to table’ to movement with considerable momentum, but a ‘seed to skin’ movement has yet to take flight. People don’t walk into a restaurant purchasing a meal to eat many months later, yet this is how we treat our personal care products. We have to start making the ‘You are what you eat.’ connection with what we apply on our bodies, because everybody should understand ‘You are what your skin absorbs.’ is basically the same thing.”

The other aspect that sets Blendily apart from other natural cosmetics brands is the commitment to not use any additives or preservatives. The only preservative that Blendily uses is Vitamin E oil. To extend shelf life, products are made in small batches, and formulated without water. Ivy jokes, “I don’t think ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate or propylene glycol blend splendidly.”

With the online store now setup for custom orders on Blendily’s website, eco-conscious consumers everywhere can access fresh, custom made-to-order skincare.

About Blendily
Blendily is a natural cosmetics kitchen with its first store located in Northeast Portland. The store offers a rotating seasonal menu of artisanal skin & body care products handcrafted from fresh, organic & wild ingredients. Custom blending is available to cater to specific individual needs. For more information, visit

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