The Blendily Glow Up is a special in-store service that combines a floral facial steam with a botanical brush-on treatment.


The Blendily Glow-Up consists of a floral facial steam followed by a botanical elixir brush-on treatment. The facial steam offers a rotating and seasonal menu of flowers and herbs from lavender and rose to chamomile and calendula for an all-natural sensory experience. The limited time commitment is perfect for a weekly self-care regimen or a special occasion with a group of friends.





How it works:

Hot water is poured over the floral blend to release steam.

Pull the towel over your head to capture the steam.

After the steam, a brush-on botanical elixir is applied.

Seasonal Menu

Our rotating floral menu makes each experience a bit different as the ingredients change from season to season.

Making Appointments 

Call/Text, Email, or click the button to book!

Our service is offered Sundays at 9am & Wednesdays at 7pm or by appointment for parties of 6-12 people!