If you are poking around the internet for information on natural hair care, you will inevitably run into the term, “no-poo.” Of course, it makes zero sense at first, and you giggle and wonder how your excrement can lead to healthier locks. Eventually you will understand that it stands for “no shampoo”. A quick search for ‘no poo’ will give you pages and pages of results everywhere. People are calling it a movement. Have you heard?

There are innumerable blogs that will detail week-by-week results with no poo experimentation, but the most popular method seems to be using BS and ACV. We are talking about Baking Soda, and Apple Cider Vinegar. My personal experience with BS-ACV was not great, though many others will swear by it. I find Baking Soda to be too harsh on my scalp and hair, and I was not a fan of the smell of vinegar at bath time, and it just wasn’t really working for me, even after several weeks. I wondered how hair cleansing occurred before liquid shampoo, and as I explored the question, I found several answers and the one that worked for me did emerge.

The solution for me: Herbal Powder

For centuries, the power of botanicals has been of utmost importance in Ayurveda (a holistic health tradition originating in Indian Vedic Culture), and there are plants that are utilized specifically for cleansing, conditioning, and beautifying the hair. Shikakai literally means ‘fruit for the hair’ in Hindi, and this wonder plant works wonders for the hair.



I read a lovely memoir written from the perspective of an Indian princess ‘Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet’, that detailed Indian luxurious beauty rituals from head to toe.  It was the perfect companion to my exploration of Ayuverdic plants.  I then realized that there had to be plants in my surroundings that were also beneficial for haircare. Of course! Not to mention essential oils.

From shampoo’ing daily a year and a half ago, I now wash my hair with herbal powder about once every 5 days or so, without chemicals, without synthetic fragrances, without preservatives. I also occasionally do a deep conditioning hair masque, and use hair tea rinses & oils/balms. I’m incredibly happy with my hair, as it feels soft, supple, and healthy.

No poo since September 2013

Ivy is No poo since September 2013 | Photo: Julie Ruckman


Not all shampoos are laden with chemicals, but sadly, most are. So if you’re tired of scrutinizing ingredient labels for chemicals of concern, give herbal shampoo powders a try! They are easy to travel with, easy to use, essentially fragrance free (slight earthy aroma that disappears when rinsed), and made entirely of natural herbs. It is pure herbal essence, not like the other kind. The first blend offered by Blendily is called ‘Shikakai Sheen’, it is available in store and in the online shop now! Click here to buy now

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