One of the easiest ways to harness the healing power of botanicals is to make infused herbal oils. Infused herbal oils are also, by comparison to factory manufactured cosmetics, much more sustainable & economical. All you need is herbal matter (leaves, roots, flowers), a carrier oil such as Olive Oil, and an airtight container such as a Mason Jar, the sun will do the rest!

You’ll want to have enough herbal matter to create an infusion. You can use either dried or fresh herb as long as it fills the entire container. Note that herbs shrink as they dry, so if you are drying your own herbs make sure you will have enough to fill your vessel.  Alternatively, it is easy to purchase loose herbs at a local herb store (Clary Sage Herbarium or Fettle Botanic Supply in Portland) or online (Mountain Rose Herbs).

Solar Infused Oil Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Fill Your Jar with plant matter. *In this example we are infusing Calendula & Chamomile flowers in Olive Oil.

2. Pour your carrier oil into the container to the very top.  3. Then, seal & set in a sunny spot, shake the jar once daily.

4. Six Weeks later, strain the plant matter & Voila! You can use any size container for any amount of infusion.

This is the solar method of making an infused herbal oil. If you are short on time, there is a water bath method, but we’ll detail that on another occasion!