Comfrey Comfort Sore Joint Rub


All the efficacy of a comfrey poultice without the mess, Comfrey Comfort Sore Joint Rub’s salve formulation was designed to be massaged into sore, stiff joints. Containing comfrey, nettles, ginger root, and a special blend of essential oils, this salve gives a warming sensation for quick relief from joint pain.

Net Wt ~ 1 oz | 28 g
Net Wt ~ 2 oz | 56 g

Ingredients: Camelina Oil*, Beeswax*, PDX Comfrey, Foraged Nettles, Ginger Root*, Juniper Essential Oil*, Peppermint Essential Oil*, Clove Essential Oil*  *Certified Organic

Directions: Apply liberally to hands, knees, shoulders and any other achy joints. Rub well into the skin. Let out a sigh.



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