Smooth Operator Moustache Wax


You’ve taken some time to grow a mustache you can be proud of, so get the sleek look you deserve by giving it some love! Our Smooth Operator Moustache Wax keeps ‘staches well moisturized and tamed. Jojoba & castor oils come together with cocoa butter & candelilla wax in a formula that is easy to apply, has a good hold for styling, and can help to promote hair growth. The blend of cistus and bergamot essential oils creates a warm, slightly sweet, and balsamic scent.

Size: Net Wt ~ 1 oz | 28 g

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil*, Castor Oil*, Cocoa Butter*, Candelilla Wax, Cistus Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil*
*Certified Organic

Directions: Extract a small amount of wax with the back of a nail and rub in between your fingers to warm. Then start to apply it from the center of your mustache to the edges. For a natural look, simply blend the wax in evenly. For a handlebar look, you’ll need to apply more product and twist the edge hairs together.

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