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Seed to Skin

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Botanical Magic

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“I have really sensitive skin and react to most deodorants, however, this spray leaves my skin free and clear, and me smelling fresh all day. I love it!”


Viva Vanilla Spray Deodorant

This stuff is great! I’ve been using it for eczema & it works better than anything I’ve tried in a long time. I put some on a recent flare up one night & the next morning it was gone. Highly recommended & the price can’t be beat. Thanks Blendily.”


Baby Balm

“I bought this amazing toner during the grand opening and I love this stuff! The rose scent is soft and subtle. It’s a refreshing pick me up for my face throughout the day. I will definitely be switching to this toner.”


Rosy Refresh Facial Toner

“Smells like happiness and leaves your skin so soft! I love this product so much and look forward to using it every day thank you <3”


Lavender Lane Body Butter